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Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten
Release Date
November 17, 2022 (Thu)


基本情報Basic Information

TitleMonochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten
Text Language(s)English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese
Voice LanguageJapanese
Release DateNovember 17, 2022 (Thu)
PublisherDMM GAMES, Shiravune
StoreSteam Store

早期購入特典(ダウンロード版)Early Purchase Bonus (Digital Edition)

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Ennakamuy, a vassal state on the frontiers
of imperial Yamato, is home to a young man
who lives with his mother and little sister.

One day, while this man is investigating
a minor matter at the local lord's behest,
he encounters a mysterious girl.

She tells him something unbelievable -
that his father, thought to be dead,
is actually still very much alive.

In search of the truth, he decides to
leave his home and head for Arva Shulan,
a mysterious country that does not
exist on any map.

He surpasses one obstacle after another
to retrace his father's footsteps.

Along the way, he meets up with like-minded companions
to share in his hardships, happiness, setbacks, and partings.

As fate would have it, the man finds himself being slowly
swept into the middle of a critical turning point in history.

This is the story of a man
who will be sung about in legends.


  • オシュトルOshtor

    Kentaro Tone

    He lives in the frontier province of Ennakamuy
    with his mother Torikori and little sister Nekone.
    Young and filled with a sense of justice, he works hard every day.
    One day, he meets Shunya, a mysterious girl who
    seems to know something about his father's enigmatic death.
    This meeting inspires him to travel to an unknown country in search of the truth.

  • シューニャShunya

    Yuko Minaguchi

    A mysterious girl who appears before Oshtor one day.
    She looks young and innocent,
    but her manner of speaking is occasionally puzzling.
    Shunya tells Oshtor that his father,
    who reportedly died in the line of duty, is still alive,
    and accompanies him on his journey to unravel this mystery.

  • ムネチカMunechika

    Saori Hayami

    The daughter of Murasame, the viceroy of Izumo.
    She is pretty and very polite,
    but her warrior side also shows itself from time to time.
    She is accompanying Oshtor on his journey
    as one of his allies.

  • ミカヅチMikazuchi

    Yuya Uchida

    A young man who once crashed Oshtor's training session.
    Very strong and somewhat rough in demeanor,
    he is a man of honor who never betrays his principles.
    Mikazuchi continues to grow alongside Oshtor as his
    good friend and friendly rival.

  • ハルHalu

    Kentaro Tone

    This talking and moving plush toy was found deep inside some ruins.
    He accompanies Oshtor on his journey in order to watch over Shunya.
    Despite his adorable appearance,
    sometimes his behavior is not very doll-like.

  • パシュパクルPashpakuru

    Takayuki Sugo

    Oshtor and Nekone's father.
    He was a Yamatan patrol officer who reportedly
    died in the line of duty when Oshtor was still very young.
    Though stern and proud as a mononofu warrior,
    at the same time, he has a heart of gold.
    He has a heavy influence on Oshtor's chosen lifestyle.

  • マヤカゥアMayacowl

    Shuichi Ikeda

    A servant of the religious leader known as the Shantuura,
    Mayacowl is always garbed and masked in black.
    He is in pursuit of Shunya and Pashpakuru,
    who are on the run from him and his subordinates.
    This grim figure is always so calm and composed
    that nobody can guess what's really on his mind.

  • ムラサメMurasame

    Jyunko Minagawa

    Viceroy of Izumo, the land of sentries,
    and one of the Eight Pillar Generals of Yamato,
    although this is not public information for some reason.
    As a warrior who highly values etiquette,
    she has given her daughter Munechika a strict upbringing.

  • シャントゥーラShantuura

    Kikuko Inoue

    A title referring to the high priest of Arva Shulan.
    The post is occupied by an authoritative
    and intelligent woman who is revered by many.
    She adheres to traditions and cares deeply about her citizens,
    always keeping a close eye on impoverished villages.


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Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten - Release Date Update

The upcoming Steam release of Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten has been delayed to November 17th, 2022 (Thur.). This is the second alteration to the release date, following a prior change in July to fine-tune the game's overall balance and polish.

Development had progressed to the final stages when the team was struck with a COVID-19 infection that caused unforeseen delays to the remaining work. We have once again adjusted the production schedule in order to prioritize the health of our staff.

Once again, we must deeply apologize to all of the players looking forward to the release and to all of our friends and partners helping to make it happen. We seek your understanding in this matter and thank you very much for your continued support.

Previous release date: October 20th, 2022 (Thur.)
New release date: November 17th, 2022 (Thur.)